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Gergely Borgulya

Technical Advisor

Gergely has over 12 years of demonstrated experience in early-stage product development. His roles have included full-stack software engineer, CTO, senior technology director, product-engineering director, and product manager primarily in the B2B SaaS startup world. As the lead product-engineering at HourWork he has helped to build a successful startup in Boston, MA, and built two consequent products from concept to creation of $1M ARR in a single year. He is an award-winning scientific researcher for his work on artificial intelligence methods in the architectural design process.

Gergely's core focus includes:

  • Supporting the rapid growth of the customer base with product and engineering solutions

  • Developing simple but sophisticated products (AWS primarily)

  • Writing well-testable code with efficiency (clean architecture code implementations

  • Building transparent solutions (logging, monitoring, API practices)

  • Deciding optimal methodology (Kanban seems to work best at early stage, maybe as dual-track agile)


Executive Master's of Business Administration, Corvinus University (Hungary)

Masters of Science in Architecture and Engineering, Budapest University of Technology (Hungary)

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