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Item as described. Delivered to my home and helped to take apart and set back up. We were so appreciative of her excellent customer service. She went above and beyond our expectations! Looking forward to doing business with her again. Thank you so much! Many blessings to you!

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She was very kind, sweet, helpful and communication was impeccable. She also delivered and helped carry the item in as I had no help. I would definitely recommend this lovely soul.

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They were both pleasant to work with, they answered all of my questions and were more than happy to help me out. The whole buying process was smooth and easy. Thank you guys so much for everything! I'll be a returning buyer as soon as I need more.

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Fabulous experience with Juliana at Reimagine Resources - Was looking for a basic stationary bike for rehabbing and she had a like new model which she delivered the next day. Set it up and gave me a demo, perfect for my current needs and have the option to ‘trade up’ down the road. Knowledgeable, courteous, dependable, conscientious (wore mask when delivered). Highly recommend if looking for lightly used workout equipment.