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Improve your strength training with the Pro Maxima PL-320 Double Sided Half Rack. This revolutionary rack has a double-sided design that allows for diverse activities, making it a complete option for fitness enthusiasts.


  • Helps improve overall strength.
  • Provides resistance band storage and weight collar storage options.
  • Multiple workout options available for various workouts.
  • Single or double landmineDip attachment
  • Technique trays Lock and Dock spotter stands
  • Lock and Dock adjustable bench
  • Platform
  • Platform Logo
  • Platform Ramps
  • Multi-Grip Chin-Up Station

Pro Maxima PL-320 Double Sided Half Rack

SKU: 48434
Impuesto excluido
Brand Pro Maxima
SKU 48434
Sold As single unit
Color Black
Shipping Weight 800.0 lbs
Made in USA Yes
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