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BRAND NEW! The BOSU® NEXGEN™ Home Edition Trainer – formally only available at fine retailers - is finally available to you in your home! (also referred to as the Half Blue Exercise Ball) has a whole new look, new exercises, and a textured dome with 4 quadrants to help with positional cueing and grip. The BOSU® NexGen™ Home Balance Trainer is all about functionality. The four easy to distinguish textured quadrants allow for precise body positioning and cueing for cardio, agility, strength, core, balance and mobility exercises and drills. The textured markings also allow for enhanced grip for hands and feet. The options and exercise progressions are endless. Anybody can use it, regardless of fitness level. Recommended for personal use. This is not a commercial grade product. For the commercial grade see the NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer.

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New, textured markings allow for precise body positioning and cueing

Product diameter – 65 cm. or 26”

Maximum user weight limit – 300 lbs.

Designed for enhanced grip with either hands or feet on the dome


Free DVD download Enhanced movement capabilities

Downloadable wall chart with 12 new exercises

90 day Limited Warranty

New Exercises for the NEXGEN™:

Dome Push-Ups – Position hands using the channel markings perpendicular to your body and compress into the dome with the outsides of your hands. Using the channel markings allow you to be precise with every rep, and if small adjustments need to be made to the position, you can precisely match both sides and then remember that positioning for future sets. Any plank or push-up variation can be done with this precision hand placement.

Jump Stick & Turn – Align the feet on top of the dome, using the channel markings and center logo for precision. Jump and stick, making sure the foot positioning is the same on the landing as it was on the take-off. Add a quarter turn with each Jump Stick, using the markings to assess precision landings.

Single Leg Balance and Reflexive Training – Single leg balance drills have been a hallmark of BOSU Training since the beginning. The new design helps position the standing foot with precision in various locations (center, slightly forward/back, slightly side). The textured quadrants can be used as a reference point for other body parts to tap or touch. For example, balance on one leg and tap the opposite foot in each of the quadrants; or, balance on one leg, flex the ankle/knee/hip of that leg and touch each of the quadrants with one or both hands.

Lateral Over the Dome – Quick cardio/agility drills like this feel great on the textured surface, and precise foot placement can be emphasized.

Walk-Over Push-Ups – Position one hand on the dome and one on the floor. After a push-up, walk the hands over the top, using the textured channels as guides for even hand placement.




Sold Assingle unit


Shipping Weight20.0 lbs

Made in USAYes

CA ResidentsProp-65 Warning

BOSU® NEXGEN™ Home Edition Trainer

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